About Us

Systematic, Factor-driven Equity Investors

The case for equity investing remains compelling but the way investors achieve exposure to stocks is changing rapidly.

The logic and attractiveness of passive investing have fueled a well-documented realignment by investors. The trend has matured to move beyond capitalization-based index investments in favor of factor-defined outcomes across efficient capital markets. This has enabled investors to channel their pursuit of alpha into less efficient marketplaces.

Factor Based Strategies

The move to passive strategies has caused a reevaluation of the specific indexes or factors that investors target. Simple capitalization-weighted indexes expose investors to unintended risks due to outsized individual securities positions and sector concentrations. As a result, these traditionally constructed indexes are being challenged for primacy by specific-factor or multi-factor-oriented portfolios. At Cadence, we follow a rules-based approach with our factor strategies designed to capture specific-factor and style exposure.

Growth Equity Strategies

The quest for equity alpha continues among investors seeking higher absolute returns and the diversification benefits that often coincide with investments in less efficient asset classes. Cadence Growth Equity Strategies target small-sized companies pursuing a growth-at-a reasonable-price approach and using systematic tools to facilitate fundamental security analysis.

A Solid Foundation

Cadence Capital Management is a quantitatively oriented global equity manager specializing in factor driven strategies across U.S., international and emerging markets and in actively-managed U.S. small cap strategies.  We are a registered investment advisor and a subsidiary of Pacific Global Asset Management, the investment unit of Pacific Life. Founded in 1988, Cadence’s boutique size and disciplined investment process allow us to partner with clients and remain focused on long-term performance. Our investment team professionals have an average of over 25 years of experience, as well as an average tenure of ten years at Cadence.

Cadence operates as an independent investment advisor with the support and partnership of Pacific Global, which offers us access to a broad set of administrative tools and business infrastructure. Our clients benefit from our shared commitment with Pacific Global to innovation, exceptional service and helping investors achieve their financial goals. Further, our clients can rest assured that we are backed by a high quality, 150-year-old company.

Cadence manages over $2.4 billion (as of 9/30/19) across multiple strategies for institutional investors, fund sponsors, family offices, RIAs and financial advisors.